Welcome on my blog!

Hi, I’m Ineke.
I like lots of things in life.

I like cute happy illustrations of animals.
I like funny wannahaves like owls with handcreme (there is a picture on my blog!) :D
I like riding my bike with the sun on my face and the wind in my back!
I like spelling my name with nic nac cookies and than eating them all at once.
I like the smell of new books.
I like beautiful fonts like the bodoni.
I like to nestle my toes in the fluffy carpet.
I like Ben&Jerry’s ice cream (cookie dough is my favorite).
I like the television show Miranda, such a hilarious actress!
I like to discover new things,
i’m a bit like Russell from the Pixar movie Up :)

And I like the fact that you are watching my blog right now :)

If you like my illustrations, please leave me a message
so I can design something cute for you!

Have lots of fun at my blog,